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The LeakTracker handset was introduced somewhere in the mid 90's. It was a big deal since it allowed direct read of the instrument reading and saved the technician some typing. It also meant the exact, reading could be captured. It was also supposed to be 'cheater proof' by forcing the technician to scan a bar coded tag in order to start the monitoring process.

None of these feature by themselves were new, it was just the first time it was all wrapped up in one package.

Remember, LDAR itself was still fairly new and there were many facilities that needed programs in a hurry. The LeakTracker 'Alliance' allowed these facilities to purchase everything from one shop. LDAR database, toxic vapor analyzer, handheld datalogger, etc. Just add a field technician and a bucketful of tags and you had an LDAR program that was state of the art.

The database would keep track of what needed done and the analyzer and datalogger together could ensure the work was done correctly.

How could it go wrong?

What if the tag was missing or unreadable? How do you scan the barcoded tag and get into inspection mode if there is no tag? Rather than force the technician to make a new tag the 'Alliance' changed the workflow to allow the technician to bypass the barcode scan. (The same scan that was supposed to ensure the technician was actually standing at the component.) A quick combination press of the function key and the number 3 key and you skipped right pass the barcode scan.

Is the tag missing? Function 3.

Can't read the tag? Function 3.

Not really monitoring... well heck... Function 3.

Isn't that a bit like locking the car and leaving a note on the windshield stating where you placed the hide-a-key?

So what is the lesson here? A 'cheater proof' system just needs a more creative cheater. It has happened time and time again. You try to develop a system or method that cannot be tricked and the technician just works harder to trick the system. Why can't they just work harder to do the work with integrity?

A really great LDAR program really boils down to having really great people, doesn't it?

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