Functional and Theoretical Overview


Courtesy of Presby Environmental Inc. (PEI)


The Advanced Enviro-Septic™ Treatment System (AES), available exclusively from Presby Environmental (PEI), is an innovative, alternative onsite wastewater treatment system that utilizes natural, non-mechanical processes to treat and disperse effluent that has received primary treatment in a conventional septic tank. Expected effluent quality after treatment in an AES System meets US EPA Tertiary Treatment guidelines, NSF Standard 40 Class I requirements and BNQ (Bureau de Nornalisation du Quebec) Secondary and Advanced Secondary requirements.

How AES treats wastewater

The Advanced Enviro-Septic™ Wastewater Treatment System in essence creates a self-sustaining, self-regulating biological ecosystem which is highly effective at purifying effluent. The bacterial population within the system adjusts as it is exposed to cycling aerobic and anaerobic (wet and dry) conditions. The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria populations automatically adjust based on what they are “fed” (the waste that is introduced to the system for processing) and the amount of oxygen present in the system. The biomat (a microscopic layer created by the waste-products of anaerobic bacterial activity) is responsible for treating the wastewater and regulating the rate at which fluid moves through the system.

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