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Further development of the French-German dispersion model - SODAR pre-processor

Basic concepts, technical applications and details of the updated meteorological pre-processor using SODAR data (MPS) as well as additional meteorological measurements are presented. The pre-processor allows the calculation of boundary-layer parameters, i.e. friction velocity, Monin-Obukhov length and mixing layer height, on the basis of SODAR measurements which serve as input parameters for subsequent dispersion calculations, e.g. within the frame of the DFK model for the calculation of the atmospheric dispersion and radiation exposure related to an accidental release of radioactive material in the near range of a nuclear installation (DFK French-German Commission for Information Interchange on Nuclear Safety). The MPS is an extension to the DFK model which presently only includes the meteorological pre-processor MPT, calculating the boundary layer parameters on the basis of wind-speed data and temperature gradient from tower measurements. The improved DFK model can be implemented within the remote monitoring system of German reactor sites as well as nuclear installations in other countries, provided that either tower data or SODAR data are available as meteorological input.

Keywords: boundary-layer parameters, dispersion modelling, meteorological pre-processor, SODAR measurements

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