Future Opportunities in Water and Environmental Consulting Practice

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Engineering consultancy in the water resources, sanitation  and environment sector




Till now all the design and engineering in irrigation was being done by state govt. departments. There had  been no much recruitments in the govt. design department in the last two decades to meet the growing challenges of expanding water resources utilization and irrigation development and privatisation.  It has been proved to be unviable and costly for engineering these services  by govt. departments with scanty staff.   Some of the future   infrastructure project designs   in the irrigation sector   to be   out sourced are as below :

Major irrigation:      comprising river restoration, dams, reservoirs and major canals.


Medium irrigation:   comprising lift irrigation and medium check dams and reservoirs.


Minor irrigation:      comprising field channel designs and micro irrigation planning.

Water sector restructuring in irrigation and agriculture:


Presently all irrigation cross drainage is being managed by the government. The investment are being made by government with inherent mismanagement and misappropriation  by bureaucrats/politicians /dept officials.


There is a drive as per national water policy 2002 to privatize the river valley irrigation system with the participation of water users association and private financial institutions for better management of water resources and optimization  of effective utilization .


Consultancy services demand includes preparation of tenders for privatization  involving  schemes for implementation as per the water users demands. Willingness to pay studies and their long range marginal costing with commensurate increase in expected returns  from the new schemes have become necessary . This involves preparing schemes for new dams,  canals,  cross drainage works and other requirements of the WUA with their block cost estimates. Detailed cost estimates and tender document preparation  for .these activities involve hydraulic and other civil  engineering  design works to be undertaken.


Water supply  and Sanitation in urban areas:


Water supply and sanitation  demands in  urban areas  are growing geometrically. Increasing  urbanization is  making existing  water supply and sanitation facilities inadequate. Augmentation of  urban water supply and sanitation services demand new vistas in consultancy and engineering services for sourcing of raw water from new water sources, raw water conveyance, treatment, storage. service reservoirs and distribution. Sources of  multi lateral funding have shifted their focus on to water and sanitation as per the new national water policy 2002.

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