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Future trends in road transport systems in Hungary and in the EU

Efficient transport is a key ingredient in the competitiveness of an economy. Intra-EU passenger transport has grown more than the population – which means a greater mobility (more kilometres travelled) per person – but less than GDP. The road transport systems affect practically all the environmental elements, and they have a role in every harmful effect the environmental protection is dealing with. At the same time, the degree of the environment pollution and the role of the road transport within total pollution are significantly different. The impacts on nature conservation caused by road transport infrastructure and operation are of greater importance. Beyond direct land use, the separation of the habitats, the separation effect of the highly trafficked lines greatly influence the biodiversity, the survival of the valuable groups of the flora and fauna. From landscaping aspect the increased construction, the implementation of industrial sites experienced along the expressways and also expected along the planned sections may result to unfavourable effect indirectly, especially in the agglomeration.

Keywords: energetic, road transport, forecasting, Hungary, EU, European Union, passenger transport, transport infrastructure, critical infrastructures, environmental pollution, environmental protection

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