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Fuzzy multiattribute analysis for evaluating firm technological innovation capability

Firm Technology Innovation Capabilities (TICs) can be conceptualised as multicriteria complex problems that involve the simultaneous consideration of multiple quantitative and qualitative requirements. This study utilises an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to determine the weightage of all aspects and criteria of innovation performance. The fuzzy set theory is then applied to make evaluators' subjective judgements and the fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision-Making (MADM) method is applied to evaluate the firm innovation performance. Finally, the aggregated fuzzy evaluations of various hi-tech firms are ranked to determine the well-performed firm innovation. Model implementation results demonstrate that the proposed model provides an effective, simple and appropriate method for representing the important influences on hi-tech firm TICs.

Keywords: technology innovation capabilities, fuzzy MADM, multiple attribute decision making, analytical hierarchy process, AHP, high tech industry, high technology firms, MCDM, technology management, innovation performance

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