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G100 portable CO2 incubator analyser for incubators gas readings


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The Geotech G100, which measures CO2 from 0-20%, is used to demonstrate accurate and repeatable CO2 readings of the atmosphere inside incubators. In just a few seconds an embryologist is able to take a reading from various incubators, all of which will have a different means of sampling the air inside an incubator, without fully opening the inner door and adversely affecting the environment.

It is essential that laboratory incubators run at a consistent temperature, humidity and CO2 level to maintain optimum cell growth in embryo cultures and IVF. Whilst incubators themselves have a built-in system for monitoring CO2, even the highest quality of on-board instruments can sometimes drift out of calibration, for example, as a result of intense cleaning and maintenance regimes at high temperatures. The G100 can quickly and accurately confirm the CO2, O2, humidity and temperature levels or distinguish whether a local calibration is required on the incubator. Monitoring can be carried out during day-to-day operation of the incubators by a lab technician or embryologist. The G100 is also commonly used by incubator supplier technicians during servicing, maintenance and performance evaluation visits. Monitoring allows for validation of all incubators to ensure they are at an optimum for IVF.

Using the G100, variations in CO2 concentration, which can often be due to frequently opening and closing of incubator doors, allows for fine-tuning and ensures target CO2 concentrations are maintained. This also avoids any significant variation in O2, relative humidity and temperature within the chamber.

User defined gas checks on incubators can be performed with the G100 to verify CO2 concentrations, and as the incubator CO2 concentration becomes consistent these gas checks may be performed less frequently. The data from the G100 can be recorded on spreadsheet, data logged or exported to Geotech's optional download software which can then be reviewed to check incubator performance or variations in readings over time. If there was a requirement to repeatedly adjust the CO2 level it may indicate that there is a need for further investigation. The G100 also has user-configurable alarms for setting trigger levels or breaches in CO2 and O2 expected levels.

One UK embryologist found that he could confirm, using the G100, that the CO2 levels in his incubators were being held at very consistent levels, with readings varying no more than 0.1% either side of the target 6.0% CO2. He commented, 'I find this G100 analyser invaluable in validation of my equipment for fertility. To get an accurate, reliable CO2 and temperature monitor is vital to us. We regularly validate all our incubators to ensure they are at an optimum for IVF and that reflects well on our success results. I also find the G100 easy to use'.

The G100 can monitor CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature within one portable device, making it much easier and quicker to verify performance and meaning fewer devices to be serviced and maintained. It was specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators in medical, IVF-clinic, research and pharmaceutical applications. The unit was developed to incorporate the latest required technology and specifications to give users a fast, simple-to-use and accurate CO2 incubator analyser.

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