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GA2000 used for CO2 data logging in Japan case study


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Data logging

The data logging function on Geotech's GA range of gas analysers is popular with research teams as users can take regular readings and data can be stored for several days. The data is captured regularly without researchers needing to be present, such as over a weekend or holiday.

The Geotech product

A project using the GA2000’s functionality was carried out by a team from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation at Tsukuba, Japan, who used the gas analyser to monitor the environment for fruit during shipping.

How the product helped

Dr. Yutaka Ishikawa and Dr. Hiroaki Kitazawa packed fresh fruit in a high CO2 environment. As the sealed unit was shipped to Taiwan over four days, it was monitored by samples taken to a GA2000 data logging beneath the container. This process was repeated and on each occasion the GA reliably, without any external power source or data communications, captured data about the CO2 levels in the container. It was confirmed that the high CO2 concentrations in the packing environment had been maintained.

This research was carried out using a GA2000 but data logging is also available for the GA5000. The Geotech GA5000 portable gas analyser, normally used for landfill gas monitoring, can assist with a variety of gas monitoring applications including contaminated land, remediation sites and waste to energy projects.

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