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GAEA - Case Study


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Project Results and Impacts:

  • First oil production company to measure its product’s water footprint
  • Supporting company brand image and reputation
  • Increased awareness of water issues for different stakeholders

CSE Solution  'Water Footprint'

The Water Footprint of a product is the volume of freshwater used to produce the product, measured over the full supply chain. The objective is to measure the Water Footprint of all the processes entailed when manufacturing/producing a product.

Water is a critical resource and essential for business. There is no substitute for water, and scarcities will lead to challenges for the food and agricultural industries. For more information on the Water Footprint of products, contact CSE.
CSE is a member of the Water Footprint Network since 2008.

About Gaea...

Gaea was founded in 1995, upon the realization that Greek agricultural food products, despite their inherent high quality and good taste, were absent from the international markets. Gaea has been recognized and awarded for the high quality of its products.


CSE calculated the Water Footprint of Gaea’s Olive Oil products, the first of its kind worldwide. Calculations were conducted for olive oil that is produced in the regions of Lasithi, Crete and Messinia, Peloponnese, with the support of CSE and Christos Zoumides, Water Footprint expert and Research Fellow at the Department of Environmental Management at the University of Technology in Cyprus.

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