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Gallery: 4 Signs You Should Invest in EHS Software


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These challenges may be preventing you from making better environmental, health and safety decisions.

You're Reporting Manually

If you're still using paper or spreadsheet-based processes to record incidents, perform audits and inspections, or create dashboards, chances are you're wasting time and effort. 

Everything Moves Slowly

When you don't have the ability to manage your EHS program from a mobile device, things get stuck waiting on you to get back to your desk, slowing the entire process.

Your Company Isn’t Sustainable

The absence of a sustainability reporting initiative makes it near impossible to track a project’s environmental impact. When you can't measure costs or energy usage, achieving sustainability becomes difficult.

More Downtime, Less Productivity

When employees are involved in health and safety incidents, they're likely to take time off to recover. This impacts projects, creating delay and the risk of losing business opportunities.

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