Gas Analyser Unit


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Gas Analysers are used in several industries, chemical industries in particualr use gas analysers to monitor their gas emission levels, air quality samples are compared to high purity reference gases to analyse and measure the emissions.  A common practice is to “calibrate” the sample air against clean, dry pure reference gases such as H2, He, Ar, or N2.

The pressures in gas analysers are typically >100 bar.g, operating at these elevated pressures reliable protection mechanisms become crucial. Historically gas analysers use pressure regulators to reduce the pressure, combined with a Safety Relief Valve (SRV) to avoid risk of personal injury or structural damage. This system however can be tampered with and is not always reliable, reducing the safety and integrity of the gas analysis procedure.

In response to this problem Fike Europe B.v.b.a. designed a new, innovative concept to regulate and reduce this pressure to enable safer gas analysis.  The Fike Gas Analyser Unit provides the industry with reliable, trouble-free protection for gas analysers. With Fike’s expert knowledge in the development of bursting discs, we developed this easy-to-use, in-line unit, already proven at several international companies.  

Features of this innovative Fike Gas Analyser Unit include: 

  • Integrated, tamperproof calibrated pressure reducer.
  • Integral high quality, leak-tight pressure relief device.
  • Available in a wide range of materials, sizes and flow ratings.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • PED compliant.
  • Compact “Plug & Play” design. 

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