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Gas-assisted injection Molding Advantages


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*Low injection pressure and locking force,thus reducing cost of equipments.Since gas-assisted injection adopts”underfeeding injection”,where in the thermoplastic filling of the mold cavity is accomplished under the pushing force of gas in the plastic melt, the injection pressure required is relatively lower and the locking force is also low(which can be reduced by 25%~90%),thereby saving energy, prolonging the service life of molds and reducing manufacturing cost.

*Slight warp and distortion of products.Owing to the low injection pressure and the uniform distribution of of thermoplastic after the injection of gas,internal stress of products during the cooling is very small, resulting in very slight warp and distortion after the molding.

*High surface quality,the pressure of gas in the hollow section of the products is refered to as the dwell pressure which is distributed uniformly so that no defects like shrinkage hole or dent shall not be formed on the surface of products,thereby improving the surface quality of products and reducing defects.

*Can be used to mold products with diverse wall-thickness.Using gas-assisted injecftion molding can achieve uniform filling for products with diverse wall-thickness and the weight of the products is not added, increase the rigidity and intensity of products(especially the edge section) by setting the core part as stiffener of gas pssage.

*Short production cycle.Owing to the small injection volume of gas-assisted injection molding,the injection duration is shortend, and meanwhile the hollow part in products with thick section contributes to fast heat dissipation and cooling, thus shortening molding cycle.

*Saving plastic materials.since gas in the cavity occupies part of the volume, the product shall become thinner and lighter, generally by 20~40% .

However, gas-assisted injection molding can result in different gloss on product surface with and without gas injected.The defects need to be decked or covered with patterns.


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