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Gas-assisted injection molding technical control


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The time and pressure of gas injection molding should be strictly controlled.

The temperature of the molds should be stritly controlled,so that the cooling of thermoplastic in the cavity can be kept at an appropriate speed,which shall be of avail for the forming of gas cavity.So as a mould maker should be very good at the gas-assisted injection moulds cooling system design.

Machinerys used for gas-assisted injection molding generally comprises a common injection molding machine and a gas injection device.A gas injection device contains such three components as a gas pressure preparation system,and air nozzle and a special gas pressure control system.The gas usually used is nitrogen and the pressure and purity of gas are determined by the molding materials and the shape of products,while the pressure is generally at 5~32MPa,with a maximum level of 40Mpa.High-pressure gas, during each ejection, is injected with the pre-set pressure from the air nozzle within a definite time.One(or a multiplicity) of air nozzle(nozzles) ar e fixed on the nozzle of injection molding machine or runner or cavity of molds.

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