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Gas Mass Flow Control: Why Thermal Mass Flow Technology is Recommended for Best Accuracy!


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It’s no secret. Price, but perhaps more importantly, performance, drive every new product acquisition you make.  How important is measurement accuracy and control to your lab experiment or industrial process? It’s critical.  If your flow readings are off or the flow is not controlled with precise accuracy your research is compromised, product quality suffers, and processes loose inefficiency.

So What Type of Flow Meter Technology Should You Choose for the Highest Accuracy?

Competitive “indirect-type” mass flow measurement technologies—like differential pressure devices that boast speed as the most important factor—can only measure volumetric flow and must calculate mass flow. However, thermal mass flow technology is an industry standard for mass flow control of gases because it measures flow directly, at the molecular level. In essence, counting and controlling every gas molecule flowing through the instrument to achieve unmatched precision.

How Capillary Thermal Mass Flow Controller Technology Works

The molecular mass or weight of the flowing gas is what you really care about to optimize your flow process. Because thermal mass flow controllers measure gas mass flow rate directly, they remain unaffected by temperature or pressure effects.  It doesn’t matter how hot or cold the gas is or what pressure fluctuations may be happening upstream. You always get smooth, steady, accurate and extremely reliable gas mass flow rate delivered where you need it, every time.

For over 40 years, Sierra has pioneered the development of precision gas mass flow controllers (MFC). Today, the breadth and depth of our high-performance SmartTrak mass flow controller lineup, with over 100,000 successful installations, proves we’ve never let up.

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