Gas-to-energy plant; production of electricity with landfill gas


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type      Degassing installation HOFGAS®- Ready 600
Commissioning      January 2002
Site      Landfill of Bovenfeld (NL)

The 9ha large landfill site Bovenfeld is located 150km northeast of Amsterdam. The resulting landfill gas has to be cleaned, in accordance with the local legislation. A degassing plant with power generation was aimed at, with economic considerations in mind. In order to burn the surplus gas in an environmentally safe manner, the installation of a high temperature flare was regarded as the most reliable and ecological solution.
The following conditions had to be met in order to increase the gas extraction capacity for utilisation in the gensets:

  • Treatment of the gas for supply to the generators
  • Connection of 2 power generators with 312 kW each
  • Flaring off the excess gas by high temperature combustion
  • Complete low emission combustion
  • Continually maximise the gas supply to the engines, respective to minimise the quantity of flaring gas
  • Incorporate modern safety measures
  • Adhere to the applicable exhaust emission legislation

The compact unit HOFGAS®- Ready 600 and analysis system HOFGAS®- Assay were selected.


  • Gas flow range120..600 Nm3/h
  • Combustion temperature at 1'000..1’200°C
  • Residence time > 0.3 sec
  • Suction pressure –60mbar
  • Gas analysis system of O2, CH4, CO2
  • Continuous gas-flow measuring
  • PLC control with operator-terminal

Client’s Benefits

  • Minimising of the gas emission from the landfill (proactive environmental protection)
  • High availability of the gas extraction and utilisation plant
  • Continuous production and sale of electricity
  • High temperature combustion of the excess gas in compliance with local legislation

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