Gas-to-Energy plant; production of electricity with landfill gas


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     Degassing installation HOFGAS®-C7/1000 + HOFGAS®-Ready 600
Commissioning      May 2002
Site     Landfill of Iles Les Meldeuses

The landfill is being degassed by a plant we supplied in 1998. For the planned extension phase Hofstetter France Sarl was committed to work out a concept for the enhancement of the degassing capacity and the utilisation of the gas. The assessment of the continuous gas production in the future and the commitment of the local electricity production and supply company were decisive in the operator's decision to invest in a gas-to-energy project. The contract for the gas processing station and the flare station has been awarded to Hofstetter, the gas engines / generators to Fauché SA.

The following conditions had to be fulfilled in order to increase the gas extraction capacity and for utilisation in the Gensets:
Incorporate the new degassing plant in the existing system

  • Communication to the overriding electric control unit
  • Conditioning of the gas for supply to the gas engines
  • Flaring of the excess gas with high temperature combustion
  • Maximise continuously the gas supply to the engines, resp. to minimise the quantity of flaring gas
  • Continuous operation and high availability of the installation
  • Incorporate modern safety measures
  • Meet the French combustion emission legislation ATE97

In order to reach the necessary 1'200m3/h of gas to run the Gensets, the existing degassing plant was extended with a new plant HOFGAS®-Ready 600. Both units are interconnected (gas piping, electrical signals) in a way that they operate in parallel and ensure the conditions for feeding the Gensets.
The flares are controlled automatically allowing the full flaring capacity when the Gensets are off as well as a minimal rate of 120m3/h when the Gensets are on.
The gas processing station provides the necessary gas flow at the specified quality and delivery pressure for the satisfactory operation of two Waukesha Gensets which are constantly producing and feeding 1.8MWel. into the distribution network of EDF.

Client’s Benefits

  • Minimising of the gas emission from the landfill (proactive environmental protection)
  • High availability of the gas extraction and utilisation plant
  • Continuous production and sale of 1.8 MWh of electricity
  • Combustion of the gas excess at high temperature and meeting the ATE97
  • Improved environmental image and acceptance in the neighbourhood

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