Gas vapor mitigation system maintains contruction schedule in cold weather case study


Courtesy of CETCO

Project: Hamlet Middle School
Location: Woonsocket, Rl
Products: Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: The soil conditions for the site of two 60,000 square foot school buildings in Woonsocket, Rl was complicated by contamination from TCE, PCE and petroleum-based soil gas vapors.

Challenge: The applicator was held to a stringent construction schedule. There were quite a few mobilizations, meaning that the membrane had to be pieced together throughout the entire project. To make the project even more difficult, the installation was done in the middle of winter so site heating had to be arrange for install.

Solution: CETCO solutions were chosen based on our company reputation, design assistance and becuase we were capableofaccommodatingatoughconstructionschedule.CETCO was instrumental in helping the engineer complete the proper ventilation and membrane design. Taking into consideration the projects subgrade, BaseFabric™ T-60 was chosen as the proper base layer fabric. Since the source of concern on the job was TCE and PCE, the Liquid Boot gas vapor barrier was selected, as was the UftraShield™ G-1000 protection course.

Working in conjunction with the applicator and general contractor, CETCO was able to developed a solid heating plan so the Liquid Boot barrier could be applied in colder temperatures, assuring there woulldn't be any downtime. The engineer was extremely satisfied with the product and installation. The general contractor was very pleased with timing and professionalism of the installer.

Result: Installation of the Liquid Boot5 gas vapor mitigation system was extremely successful and was able to be installed much quicker than any of the competing products due to it's benefit of a spray-application and rapid curing time. CETCO products installed by CETCO trained and certified installers provided the building with proven protection against vapor in-tsuion while also saving the customer time and money.

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