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Gas vapor mitigation system maintains contruction schedule in cold weather case study


Project: Springhill Suites
Location: Ridley, PA
Products: Liquid Boot® 500 Gas Vapor Mitigation System, GeoVent™ Gas Venting System

Background: The site of the Springhill Suites Hotel and Restaurant posed potential vapor intrusion concerns due to low-level VOC contaminants found in the soil.

Challenge: The challenge was to keep with the construction schedule and perform the 17,500 square foot gas vapor barrier installation during adverse weather conditions. Arrangements were made to ensure installation temperature was at the optimum level.

Solution: The engineer was able to utilize CETCO's standard specifications and details to work up customized plans and specifications for the hotel. CETCO reviewed the information and coordinated bidding to the general contractor. CETCO coordinated with the certified installer, Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT), regarding the adverse weather conditions to minimize scheduling delays and to make sure the project was completed efficiently.

Due to the building's intended use as a hotel and restaurant, there were quite a few penetrations on the site. As a spray-applied membrane, Liquid Boot® made for the ideal solution to seal to penetrations and the perimeter footings. In addition, elevation changes and vertical walls throughout the area (as seen in the photos) made it imperative that a versatile membrane be used throughout the site. Liquid Boot® has the ability to conform to irregular surface while also providing a monolithic membrane, which made it the perfect choice. The application was very successful throughout the entire project and ACT worked to keep with the general contractors schedule in order to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Result: CETCO products installed by CETCO trained and certified installers provided the building with proven protection against vapor intsuion while also saving the customer time and money.

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