Gatineau Hospital, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Commercial Boiler Application

Thermal Energy installed FLU-ACE system to recover 5.5 mmBTU/h of waste heat from the flue gases emanating from three Volcano water tube boilers. The single 16 ft. high FLU-ACE tower replaced three independent boiler steel stacks. The installation is unique in several ways, including the very high temperature of the flue gases (up to 650 °F) processed by the FLU-ACE. The heat recovered is mainly used for heating glycol which in turn heats four 100% fresh air make up units during the seven month winter heating season. The FLU-ACE heats the domestic hot water, the laundry plant hot water, and the boiler plant make up water.


  • Reduction of boilers fuel consumption by 18 to 25%
  • Increase of the overall efficiency of the boiler to 96%
  • Recovery and recycling of 80 to 90% of waste heat

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