Gatineau Sewage Treatment Plant, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Project No. 1

Industrial Boiler Application

A FLU-ACE waste heat recovery system installed to process all flue gases from three boilers. The system recovers up to 3.5 mmBTU/h of waste heat which is re-used for heating the digester sludge. The main fuel for the boilers is recycled methane based sewage gas generated from the plant’s anaerobic digesters.

'The installation continues to result in a reduction of natural gas used in the plant,' said Lawrence Gangur, operations director of the CUO’s environmental service in 2001. 'The FLU-ACE system has also resulted in a reduction of pollutants from the flue gas. We continue to be very satisfied with the FLU-ACE systems and their performance.”


  • Total reduction of natural gas consumption in the plant of 30% to 40%
  • Recovery and reuse of 80 to 90% of waste heat
  • Commensurate reductions of greenhouse gases and other emissions.

Project No. 2

Industrial Dryer Application

BIOMASS FUEL UTILIZATIONThermal Energy designed and installed a second turnkey FLU-ACE system was installed in the Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant to recover 6 mmBTU/h of heat exhausted from the Berlie sludge drying and pelletization process. The recovered heat is used for heating a total of 134,000 cfm of fresh makeup air. Existing piping circuit for heat distribution to heating coils has been reused and converted to a low temperature glycol heating system. 'Based on the performance of the original FLU-ACE system, the CUO entered into negotiations with Thermal Energy for a second FLU-ACE system at the treatment plant,' said Lawrence Gangur, operations director of the CUO’s environmental service. 'The project has also delivered substantial energy and environmental benefits for the CUO,' said Mr. Gangur. 'We have a total reduction of 30% to 40% in the plant’s fuel consumption (and) we have virtually eliminated all (emissions) from the flue gases.”

The project also included:

  • Reactivation of existing gas engine with generator of electricity and processing its exhaust through the first FLU-ACE unit in the boiler room.
  • Heat recovered from engine exhaust is used to pre-heat the sludge before dewatering in the centrifuges improving water-solids separation performance.
  • Modification of the BERLIE Process gas train supplying the burner to allow burning biogas (free fuel) as the primary fuel. Natural gas (the secondary fuel) is blended in when biogas supply fluctuates.
  • Bypassing of the BERLIE process condenser and recovering additional heat with FLU-ACE.


  • Total reduction of the plant's fuel consumption by between 30% to 40%
  • Recovery and reuse of 80 to 90% of the flue gas heat loss from BERLIE process dryer
  • New efficient low temperature heating system replacing existing hot oil system.
  • Ability to burn all available methane (free fuel)
  • Commensurate reduction in greenhouse gases and other emissions.

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