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GaugerGSM is a remote level monitoring sensor, compact, cost-effective with unique firmware for detecting allerting events. GaugerGSM is based on an ultrasonic level meter integrated with cellular communication capabilities.   

Novel integration of ultrasonic level sensor and GSM cellular modem

  • Plug-and-Play product for complex remote level monitoring applications
  • Periodic reports and immediate alerts for special events
  • Reporting Level, Distance, Volume, Flow (OCF) and Temperature
  • Data transmitted by SMS or GPRS and integrated with SCADA software
  • Simple wizard-based setup or USB PC-based cloning

 Rich featured ultrasonic level sensor:

  • Measurement range up to 8m (26') and short dead-zone of 15cm (6')
  • Sensor coated PVDF, withstanding chemically aggressive targets
  • Supporting TWO temperature sensors for increased accuracy
  • Certified for explosive atmosphere Intrinsically-Safe (option)
  • Non-contact measurement / no moving parts / rated IP68
  • May be operated by an external battery pack
  • One-size-fits-all / one inventory part

Wide variety of remote monitoring applications:

Underground Sewer Level Sensing: This is an autonomous stand-alone solution with no data cables and no communication wires. No need for road digging. No need for a special RF communication infrastructure within the city. Supports identification of pre-flood overflow situations, alerts for blockage prior to environmental hazards, recording of long term trends for pipe planning purposes. The solution enables quantification of industrial wastewater flow into the public infrastructure for pricing purposes and fine charges. 

Remote Level Monitoring of Rivers during unsteady weather: This solution is a must product in areas prone to flooding conditions. The product is perfectly fit for harsh weather conditions, resistant to rain, dust and direct sunshine. Can be battery based or powered by external solar panels. Gauger systems may even be completely flooded for a couple of hours and immediately return to operational state. Reports are provided periodically and upon special events such as pre-flood conditions or threatening water levels. Low-level alerts are supported for water reservoirs when all outlets and pumps must be shut down. SMS alerts for assigned personal are also available. 

Remote Monitoring of Diesel Tanks Farms: This is a cost-effective solution for fuel asset accountability. Focus on the tanks feeding local generators. The solution supports Inventory management at multiple sites, ensuring just-in-time refueling, Level, Temperature and Volume (Liters/Gallons) reports. The system also detects sudden Diesel drop in level (theft indication) and can quantify refueling quantities for follow-up and for detecting inaccurate refueling reports. 

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