Gaviota pass steep slope, Santa Barbara County, California


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Faced with repair of a severely eroded steep section of pipeline right-of-way on the California coast, engineers determined that GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System was the only system capable of providing a cost-effective and appropriate solution. With a total slope length of 500 feet, a severe pitch of 1:1 and bare rock slope faces, four inch deep GEOWEB was installed in order to “perch” soils atop the rocky face of the slope. Using chain link fence, silt fences were placed at regular intervals to slow runoff water and control soil loss while vegetation became established. Since soils are encapsulated and protected by GEOWEB, rapid growth rates of vegetation occur within the “micro climate” that exists in each cell. Steep slope applications call for the full-depth stabilization of GEOWEB System securing soils and protect plant roots on critical slope applications.

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