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GE Aircraft Engines - Case Study


Courtesy of Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.

Mech-Chem engineered, designed, and constructed two Air Emission Control Systems for the plant's Meltout Operations. The systems are non-aqueous processes which were designed to contain and remove metallic contaminants with a particle size of 0.3 microns or larger.

Air Emission Control System Mech-Chem provided GE Aircraft Engines with the design, engineering, construction, installation, and start-up of two Air Emission Control Systems that remove oil and lower the fugitive metal contaminants (i.e. Lead, Cadmium, Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, and Tin) in the air stream vented from meltout processes.

The Air Emission Control Systems met or exceeded the primary EPA Action Levels for the State of Vermont for Cadmium and Tin.

In addition, this unique design avoided the use of a wet scrubber and the subsequent requirement to treat a contaminated aqueous waste stream.

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