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GEF country portfolio study : Jamaica (Vol. 1 of 2) : Main report

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The purpose of Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPEs) and Country Portfolio Studies (CPSs) is to provide the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council with an assessment of how GEF is implemented at the country level, to report on results from projects and assess how these projects are linked to national environmental and sustainable development agendas as well as to the GEF mandate of generating global environmental benefits within its focal areas. The studies have the following objectives: information independently evaluate the relevance and efficiency of the GEF support in a country from several points of view: national environmental frameworks and decision-making processes; the GEF mandate and the achievement of global environmental benefits; and GEF policies and procedures; (ii) assess the effectiveness and results of completed projects aggregated at the focal area; and (iii) provide feedback and knowledge sharing to: (1) the GEF Council in its decision making process to allocate resources and to develop policies and strategies; (2) the country on its participation in, or collaboration with the GEF; and (3) the different agencies and organizations involved in the preparation and implementation of GEF funded projects and activities. The Jamaica CPS study covered the full range of GEF-financed interventions, including national projects and Jamaican elements of regional and global projects. Although the principal focus was on completed projects, those still active were also assessed in terms of their relevance. The CPS used a variety of evaluation methods. Its starting point was a detailed review of public and internal documents, including those from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Bank, the GEF Evaluation Office, Jamaican Government and non government organizations and other sources. These documents yielded initial data sets, which provided directly relevant information, as well as establishing key questions for follow up through primary data collection.

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