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GEM: GRAI evolution method: a case study

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The article describes the GEM (GRAI Evolution Method) method, which is dedicated to the management of the evolution of the industrial firm. Based on the GRAI Enterprise Modelling Techniques, it considers the evolution of enterprises through various steps the elaboration of the "AS IS", then the search of the "SHOULD BE" (the vision) and the determination of the "NEXT STEP" in the frame of the vision. From this initial modelling, we deduce the User Specifications and the Technical Specifications with the concepts of Future Architecture and Multi-management Projects. Then, the Realisation, Implementation and Operational phases are described. In the second part of the article, the application of the GEM method is illustrated through the presentation of an industrial case from the European ESPRIT REALMS II project. The case company represents a Greek aluminium industry.

Keywords: enterprise evolution, enterprise modelling, techniques, user specifications, future architecture, technical specifications, GEM, GRAI

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