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Gender and water management: a focus on Central Asia

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Gender tends to be more and more used as a tool and approach in development programs and in water management. Gender includes the different values that men and women carry. Gender supposes a distinct conception of water resources management but also of management in the water field. This study wants to establish what gender brought and could further bring to water management in Central Asia. It will examine inputs from theoretical and practical examples of the gender approach through a short review of the literature related to gender in water management and a case study in Morocco where gender tools have been implemented.

From this overview, this article outlines the place of gender in the context of Central Asia Regions. If many initiatives on gender are in place, the study of gender, water and rural areas is the most relevant to the region. It pointed out the role of reproductive practices that limit women in playing a more important role in the household. The traditional organisation of agriculture and rural populations tends to enforce inequality as concerns to land use rights, access to water and sharing responsibilities.

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