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Generalised bond graph model of a rotating machine

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Motors and generators are widely used in the industry. These rotating machines are modelled and simulated on computer for studying their behaviour. The underlying assumption in existing models is operation in the linear magnetic region and absence of losses. Further each sub-category of the rotating machinery like induction motor, synchronous motor, DC motor etc. are modelled independently in absence of a common thread running through them. This paper proposes a generalised symmetrical model of a rotating machine which has the feature of scalability and adaptability. The generalised model proposed here does not impose any linearity restriction for the operation in magnetic domain and also factors in the losses. Bond graph modelling technique is used to develop the model. The model is validated by applying the linearity and ideality constraints which show that the conventional 'abc' three phase induction motor model is a special case of the proposed generalised model.

Keywords: bond graph, rotating machines, electromagnetic motors, Simulink tool box, simulation, modelling

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