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Geo Drilling International: Hands-On

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Boart Longyear has launched a core-orientation system made for drillers, by drillers

Although critical for mapping exploration and minesite development, core orientation is part of the drilling process that has experienced only incremental product improvements through small changes to the process and equipment. Boart Longyear has now introduced TruCore, a first-inindustry integrated core-orientation system that is designed to increase productivity and decrease spend on consumables.

According to the company, there are two important features that set it apart from other core orientation systems: Additional extensions are not needed when the integrated TruCore housing is combined with Boart Longyear outer tubes, reducing the number of joints and high wear on outer tube extension barrels.

TrueCore core-marking technology allows one tool to always be in the hole. The ability to send a second TruCore tool down immediately after the first tool is retrieved, combined with wireless communication, means core readings can be taken without having to break a joint in the inner tube.

“We saw an opportunity to design and build a new system that would improve productivity and ultimately reduce costs,” says Chris Lambert, global product manager for Boart Longyear. “When we designed TruCore, we set out to create a true innovation, not just an incremental improvement to the system. So our designers worked shoulder to shoulder with our drill crews to come up with the innovation. That’s why TruCore really is a core-orientation system designed for drillers, by drillers.”

A pocket-size controller simultaneously operates the two core-orientation tools, helping increase productivity by validating measurements while minimising errors. The design uses optical communication to send measurements to a hand-held control device, enabling the drill string to remain assembled.

Highly visible flashing LEDs direct alignment, reducing total measurement time. TruCore is offered in sizes from BQTM to PQTM, and is effective in all ground types and in the same positions as conventional coreorientation systems.

Initially launched to the Australian market, TruCore will be rolled out to other regions in 2015. The introduction of TruCore signals Boart Longyear’s entry into instrumentation solutions, and will be followed by the launches of TruShot and TruProbe late 2014 and early 2015, respectively. These products are designed to bring more technology into the hands of the drill crew, so they can deliver more information and value to the end client.

Featuring a robust design and greater depth capacity, the TruShot survey tool will form the foundation to add geophysical sensors that can be run by drillers. It will provide traditional survey measurements but with increased memory and processing to support other sensors. TruProbe will combine the TruShot survey with a total gamma tool, the first in a line of sensors to measure borehole geophysical properties.

“We see a need to make acquisition of geophysical data more widely available and less costly,” Lambert says. “Geophysical data from boreholes helps mining clients refine site models and more accurately grade deposits. “Expanding its use will drive more accurate deposit models and higher yields. With simpler and more robust tools, data can be acquired by drilling contractors, eliminating the need for more costly specialists on site.”

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