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Geodrilling: Maintenance of active slope stability installations

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Landslide activity and slope failure on parts of the Isle of Wight have been an ongoing problem for hundreds of years and a significant landslide during the particularly bad winter of 1994-5 seriously affected an area up to 400 metres inland from the coast. Instability in the Castlehaven area had to be addressed to reduce the risk to public safety, property and the local infrastructure. The Isle of Wight Castlehaven Coastal Protection project team chose a siphon drain® system, an innovative solution for unstable slopes developed by TP Geo from France , consisting of deep electro-pneumatic and gravity fed siphon wells.

The system was completed in 2004 and the Isle of Wight Council’s Principle Coastal Engineer has been looking after the Castlehaven project since then. He has implemented a high level maintenance programme and part of that programme incorporates BoreSaver from Geoquip Water Solutions. Eleven years on, the success of the project has meant that, where other areas have experienced further landslip problems the situation in the Castlehaven area has remained stable.

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