Geology survey/Stratigraphy application

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These kind of surveys are done to determine ground conditions - more precisely layers, disturbance, homogeneity, water table levels etc. The two things that need to be achieved in this kind of surveys are depth of interest and satisfying vertical resolution.

Survey example

A good example of a real life and ever more frequent survey niche in Sweden is bedrock location for the passive ground heat thermal pump systems (GHTPS) . Top most soil here is sand,silt and gravel permafrost and in order to achieve a reasonable efficiency coefficient out of these systems one has to reach the solid stone. For the GPR technology it is quite a simple and quick survey. That makes it economic and time cost acceptable survey for the heat system constructors to test the area before the drilling begins.

In addition to providing the information for the GHTPS, information for the building foundation calculations and position of the water table can be delivered from a single survey.

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