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Georgetown Water Treatment Plant


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Georgetown, in the Town of Halton Hills, is supplied by nine groundwater wells located in four well fields. The Region of Halton has received many colored water complaints from customers over the past several years. In order to ensure high quality water to the customers in Georgetown, the Region of Halton retained XCG Consultants to complete two projects. The projects included a study to identify the causes and develop recommendations to minimize the potential for
poor water quality in the future, and a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to select a preferred alternative. XCG also provided support to the detailed Design Team during the detailed design phase of the project.
The first study involved identifying the causes of the colored water events and developing recommendations to minimize the occurrences of those events. The study included treatability testing to determine the effectiveness of sequestration in controlling iron and manganese, and the effectiveness of a catalytic media filtration process in removing iron
and manganese from the source water. The study considered the cost and effectiveness of a number of alternatives. It was recommended that a catalytic media filtration facility be constructed as a long term measure to remove iron and manganese from the source water.

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