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Georgia pacific improves energy and operating efficiences with a Culligan solution


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Water is a valuable commodity in any manufacturing process. Manufacturing companies depend on clean, quality water throughout their entire business, such as for boiler feed water make-up, recycling back to cooling towers, improved process run times and overall quality and consistency of production.

With the need for steam in their daily operation, Georgia-Pacific was using a significant amount of hot water resulting in high energy costs. The steam usage was approximately 8,000 to 12,000 pounds per hour during the summer and 14,000 to 20,000 pounds per hour during the winter. Furthermore, the boilers had dense scale build up and needed to be blown down frequently to flush out impurities. The company wanted to expand their water treatment system and improve efficiencies. 'We believe in creating long-term value for our company so partnering with a reputable leader like Culligan was an obvious choice,' recalls Frank Donovan, Maintenance Supervisor.


Based on a thorough review, Culligan proposed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to improve energy and operating efficiencies at the facility. Since the installation of the RO equipment, Georgia-Pacific has reduced blow down from 4500 gallons of water per day to less than 200 gallons. The reduced energy, water and sewage costs save the company approximately $31,000 a year. Add lower chemical costs and the company's total annual savings are approximately $52,711.

As a result of using the RO, now Georgia-Pacific is able to direct the concentrate water directly to the river rather than going through a wastewater treatment facility and incurring fees. And, the TDS of the feed water to the boiler has gone from 210 parts per million (12 grains per gallon) to approximately 24 parts per million (just over 1 grain per gallon), resulting in 8 times less solids entering the boiler. 'Because of our improved energy conservation, Georgia-Pacific received a rebate check from our energy provider. That was an added bonus,' stated Mr. Donovan.

We ask the right questions so you get the right solution.

The Matrix process begins with a Culligan professional working with you to identify your specific water quality needs. By understanding these needs we can customize a system that gives you everything you require and nothing you don't- saving you money and helping you increase your return on investment (ROD. At Culligan, we take pride in working closely with our customers so we can provide comprehensive industrial water treatment solutions.


With Culligan's discovery tool and Georgia-Pacific's input, Culligan proposed a solution, which would reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) and offer energy and chemical savings. The solution included a pre-treatment carbon filter, a RO system, storage tanks, a CIP skid and an annual inspection and service agreement.

The carbon filter, before the RO system, is used to reduce chlorine, and promote efficient performance of the RO system.

The RO system is used to lower the total dissolved solid (TDS) in the boiler feed water. This in turn decreases the amount of blow down, improves energy efficiency and saves money by decreasing water and chemical usage.

By utilizing the latest technologies and efficient project execution, Culligan Matrix Solutions can put your operation on the path to ROI success. Our solutions are designed to address your costly water problems while improving the performance and efficiency of your current operation. We look forward to engineering a success story for you.

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