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Geosynthetics for a green appearance case study


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At the end of September, TenCate Geosynthetics North America introduced TenCate Miramesh SG. This is an open-mesh biaxial geotextile in which synthetic turf fibres have been integrated. It has been designed specifically to be a face wrap material for steepened slope applications and to provide an instant and permanent green appearance. The synthetic turf fibres provide an extra layer of UV protection This innovative produce was developed jointly with TenCate Grass.

In the building of slopes and embankments TenCate Miramesh GR ensures strengthening and protection of the construction. The slope quickly becomes covered with vegetation, preventing the erosion of small particles of soil. The only problem is that –
depending on the climate and other conditions –natural vegetation does not always materialize. This was a reason for Fred Chuck (Director of Reinforced Markets) to look around for a solution. To this end he and his colleagues also looked at the technology at the other companies within TenCate, such as TenCate Grass in Dayton (Tennessee). The new SG quality was developed together with the R&D people here within two years.

Use of TenCate Miramesh GR in the extension of Yeager Airport. This quality was developed further, resulting in TenCate

Miramesh SG
TenCate Miramesh combines the GR quality with synthetic turf fibres for a permanent green appearance without the need for
young plantings. The UV-protective layer provides extra protection against erosion and extends the lifespan of the slope.
TenCate Miramesh SG provides surface erosion protection and secondary reinforcement. This is much better for durability and thus stability. And the slope immediately acquires an attractive appearance and it is a cost-effective solution. The top of the construction easily becomes covered with vegetation in a natural way.

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