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Geosynthetics in the Volgermeerpolder - case study


Courtesy of TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv

The Volgermeerpolder (NL), which was once a landfill site for heavily polluted household and industrial waste, has been cleaned up and turned into a nature reserve. This is the largest soil remediation operation in Dutch history. With the aid of TenCate Geotube, clean sludge was converted into a natural cap (a layer of clean soil) on top of the seal. TenCate GeoDetect is used to monitor the seal on the waste in one of the basins that were created on top of the natural cap.

On www.tencategeodetect.com you will find a link to a YouTube film about the installation and the first measurements. Design and image: Vista Landschapsarchitectuur en Stedenbouw, Prinsengracht 253, 1016 GV Amsterdam; tel. +31 20 6224431

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