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Geotech and construction case study


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Pre-Construction Surveys
The VIY2-300 GPR was used to survey Korolenko Square and contiguous area in Rivne town from 5 to 6 December 2006.

Surveys were carried out both on the lawns and reinforced paving slabs.

Large building structures, presumably ruined bridge foundation, are marked in blue. River at this place is no more than 100 years.

Large buried objects are marked in blue. The deeper one, presumably underground facility, located at the depth of 5.5 meters.

The plan of åðó surveyed area. Detected underground objects are marked in green. More detailed plan is not provided because it is the property of the customer.

Complicated Underground Environment
The GPR can be used to survey sites with a large number of underground objects.

This profile, obtained with VIY3-300 GPR, displayed a number of local objects, located in a wide trench.

The left border of the trench appears as a sloping line from 3 to 12 meters profile. The right border of the trench can be traced from 16 meters until the end of the profile. At the 20th meter in the upper part of the profile is visible mark of a well. Local objects in the form of diffraction hyperbolas are marked with colored spots. Brightness of hyperbolas depends on the differences in dielectric properties of the objects and the environment. Objects are reliably located down to a depth of more than 4 meters (wave speed was 110 meters per microsecond).

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