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Geotechnical Properties of Hackensack Valley Varved Clays of New Jersey

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A special testing program was conduted on 127-mm (5-in.) diameter samples of varved clay from Hackensack Meadows, the site of a glacial lake near Secaucus, New Jersey. The program included constant rate-of-strain consolidation tests, measurement of K0 versus OCR, permeability tests on cubic samples to determine kh/kv, undrained-unconsolidated triaxial compression tests run on specimens cut at various inclinations, K0 consolidated-undrained direct simple shear tests to establish su (svc)1/2 versus OCR, and K0 consolidated-undrained triaxial compression and extension tests on normally consolidated samples.

This paper presents the results of the tests and compares the data to that obtained on other varved clays. The basic properties of the Hackensack Valley varved clay are very similar to those for Connecticut Valley varved clays from Amherst and Northhampton, Massachusetts. Two major problems are still unresolved: the in-situ value of kh/kv versus that measured in the laboratory, and the value of undrained strength for horizontal loading, su(h).

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