Geotex® 200ST Fabric brings smooth travel to remote road case study


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

Willow Creek Road is a 36-mile stretch of un-paved road. Cattle ranchers, vacationers and hunters use the road, but during wet weather it became a muddy, hazardous mess.

The soil is a silty clay, and earlier attempts to use just gravel were less than successful. In addition, the nearest gravel pit is a three-hour drive, so Valley County Road Superintendent Wayne Waarvik knew he had to do more than just gravel the road.

Propex Geotex® 200ST woven geotextile was installed down the middle of the road. After Geotex® 200ST was installed, 6 to 8 inches of gravel were placed by belly dump trailers, followed by a grader. Wade Wentzler, homeowner at the nearby Pines recreation area, said 'I usually have to replace the gravel in my driveway every five years. This (Geotex® fabric) will be well worth the taxpayers' dollars.'

Valley County Commissioners Dave Pippen and Dave Reinhardt said, 'We see the long-term benefits of using geotextile fabric on our road. Just by saving one inch of gravel will pay for the fabric.'

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