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Geotube Marine Technology Offers Custom Solutions for Unique Marine Applications Around the Globe - Case Study


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Geotube units are fundamental for distinctive marine structures using proven, innovative methods and techniques.

What does a Honduran mine debris dam have in common with an iconic cable-stayed bridge in Korea? Both structures were built using Geotube marine technology, an important component in the design of these projects.

Geotube marine technology has proven successful in the creation of many unique marine projects worldwide — from sand dune cores to breakwaters to marine structures.

TenCate, manufacturer of Geotube£ materials, develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce cost, and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

Unique & Versatile Marine Applications

Geotube marine containment technology, first used in 1962, offers great flexibility and cost-effective methods for a variety of coastal and inland waterway applications. Often times these marine projects present a challenge in the design and construction phases. Geotube containers have proven to be up to the test.

'TenCate has a solid history with marine construction projects' said Mark Gunzenhauser, Vice President Sales - Geosystems. 'We have the resources and expertise to develop unique solutions for our customers. Our market managers provide exceptional creativity and innovation to address each situation.'

El Mochrto Mine: Geotube Debris Dam

This active zinc and silver mining operation in Honduras utilizes a tailings lagoon to contain large volumes of contaminated mine tailings slurry. The area directly above the tailing lagoon is a large, historically unstable zone. During heavy rain storms, this area has the potential to develop into an active landslide releasing large volumes of soil, rock, and debris into the tailing pond below. Such large volumes 1400,000 cubic meters of debris material) could displace the contaminated tailings over the existing dam into an environmentally-sensitive, nature preserve or even cause a catastrophic failure of the mine's dam. A protective solution was needed.

After consideration of several mitigation options, Geotube marine containment technology was selected for the construction of two Geotube debris dams within the 10-meter deep HDPE-lined raceway above the tailings lagoon. Parallel drainage pipes were installed at the base of the two dam sites to prevent water retention behind the planned structures. Geotube units, stacked two and three layers high, were filled multiple times with a locally-available mixture of course and fine mine tailings. Measuring 10,12, and 14 meters in circumference, the Geotube units properly contained the tailings — allowing the materials to fall out of suspension and form strong, dense, solid dam structures.

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