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Geotube Marine Technology Provides Expanded Benefits with Versatile Polyurea Coatings - Case Study


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Geotube marine technology has protected shorelines, rebuilt beaches, and reclaimed land from oceans for more than 45 years. Geotube containment technology is a proven, cost-effective method for a variety of shoreline protection and marine construction applications.

TenCate, manufacturer of Geotube materials, develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce cost, and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

The company is dedicated to continued innovation and product offerings. Pofyurea coating is one of the latest additions to the Geotube system. It offers a protective shell and bonds well to the geotextile material of the Geotube containers.

Background Prospective

Geotube containers used in the construction of sand-covered marine structures have the potential to be exposed during major storm events that are capable of removing the origina sand covering. If this occurs, the Geotube containers can be subjected to abrasion or puncture from floating debris, ultraviolet (UV) light degradation, and vandals during the time that the units are exposed until the sand covering is replaced.

New Feature: Pofvurea Coating

To address this inherent possibility, TenCate incorporated the use of an innovative polyurea coating in their shoreline restoration efforts. This coating is used in conjunction with Geotube' containers to develop durability and offer added protection for applicable sand-covered marine structure projects.

'This hard polyurea coating creates a turtle shell type of protective layer for the Geotube units as it is applied to the upper surface of the geotextile,' said Mark Gunzenhauser, Vice President Sales, TenCate Industrial Fabrics. 'It provides needed protection in a shoreline environment that is faced with threats of flooding, erosion, and hurricanes.'

Polyurea is a two-component, spray-applied chemical coating. It dries in seconds to provide a tough chemical and abrasion-resistant finish. This is a very fast reaction, proceeding to completion without any catalysts. Typically, the working times (i.e., gel times) are less than one minute. This fast reaction, of course, requires a fast, efficient mixing technique so that the resin mixture can be applied within the short gel times. Impingement mixing from two-component spray machinery is efficient and entirely adequate.

TenCate' offers two application methods for this coating. The polyurea can be sprayed onto the sewn Geotube units at the factory; or it can be applied in the field after the containers are installed on the shoreline.

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