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Geotube Shoreline Protection Is An Effective Fix for Hurricane Beach Damage - Case Study


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Excavation Contractors Use Geotube Containment Technology to Repair Erosion, Keep Homes from Destruction.

There are thousands of coastal homes threatened by natural disasters.

The recent strong hurricane seasons have eroded away many beaches, and shoreline homes that once had views of long stretches of sand now find they overlook dropoffs that are perilously close to their back doors.

Many homes are, in fact, lost each year to beach erosion. But there is a simple, cost-effective solution for repairing beaches, one that has been proven by over 20 years of use in applications around the world.

TenCate develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce cost and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions. Geotube geocontainmenttechnology has been used in scores of countries to rebuild beaches, protect property, create jetties, and even build entire islands. The process is simple: a large tube made of a specially engineered textile is filled with sand and buried underthe beach. When rough weather threatens, the tube holds the sand and soil in place, preventing erosion and property damage.

Geotube geocontainmenttechnology uses units of geotextile containers up to hundreds of feet in length. In most cases, installation is permanent—and invisible.

In fact, one of the advantages of Geotube geocontainment technology is that the gentle original slope of the beach can be recreated. This improves the aesthetics of the shoreline and also aids wildlife.

Geotube geocontainmenttechnology has been successfully used to protect some of the world's most expensive property. For example, erosion threatened Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk. Hurricanes cut away so much of the sand that waves were literally washing over the Boardwalk itself. But with Geotube geocontainment technology installed to stop erosion and allow the sand to build upon itself, there is now more than 150 feet of beach (complete with oat-covered dunes) between the Boardwalk and the beach. This project has been in place for over 10 years, and is still doing its job.

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