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Geotube technology provides solution for detroit river environmental cleanup - Case Study


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The Largest Facility of Its Kind Under Construction In the Country

PENDERGRASS, GA —A simple idea in environmental cleanup is saving the taxpayers of Detroit a Substantial amount of money while taking care of an important environmental cleanup project.

The City of Detroit Water and Sewer Department (DWSD) is implementing Miratech's Geotube technology at its Conner Creek facility to positively impact the environmental future of the Detroit River and all those who utilize its resources. The Conner Creek hvdraulic dredging and dewatering project is part of a much larger SI 82 million City of Detroit project to build a 30 million gallon retention and treatment facility* for a Combined Sewer Outfall (CSO).

The DWSD is using a total of 75 Geotube containers, each measuring 45 feet in circumference by 200 feet long, to remove, dewater, and dispose in a Class 2 landfill, 100,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments from Conner Creek, with effluent water returning to the Detroit River meeting very stringent discharge requirements. Conner Creek has served the City of Detroit as an outfall tributary to the Detroit River for over 50 years. In a five square mile area densely populated by heavy industrial manufacturing, Conner Creek has been the primary collection of runoff from storm water and overflow sewage water. In 1996, the City of Detroit adopted a program to clean up of all of its CSOs and to collect and treat all future run-off. The Conner Creek project is currently the largest such facility under construction in the country.

Miratech worked with Aquatic Restoration, the dredging and dewatering sub-contractor for the Conner Creek project, to determine the proper circumference and length for the Geotubes and also design an efficient dewatering basin to contain the Geotubes. The basin was constructed in September 2002, and dredging and dewatering proceeded in October 2002. The dredging and dewatering process is expected to continue for one-year.

The Conner Creek project is one of the most extensive uses of Geotube technology, notes Miratech Vice President Tom Stephens. 'Due to the project location, the impact of Geotube technology is tremendous. By efficiendy handling the dewatering process under very tight inspection and controls, Geotube technology provides immediate relief of an environment contamination threat to the Detroit River and the general public of the greater Detroit area, as well as the lower Great Lakes region in general. The results are so successful and cost-effective that the DWSD will utilize Geotube dewatering technology in its next project as well.'

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