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My company Green Real Estate Education works 24/7 to get agents and mortgage professionals to understand how important they are in the energy and climate issues we all face. The built environment contributes to adding such unhealthy levels of Co2 and other gasses into the atmosphere. Knowing that existing homes and building need to drastically change is a monumental task.

Being invited to teach at the Go Green Expo in Philadelphia is such an honor, and we teach those that are in these structures everyday, that suggesting proper upgrades and renovations to property owners is a responsibility they have. As I sit here and watch snow falling in Maryland and along the east coast, I can't help but feel capturing this moisture and storing it for those days we have little precipitation offers such a viable solution to drought areas. Just put a cistern and silo in many areas and it is done. When Atlanta just received snow, they could have stored and used this moisture. They are one of the most extreme examples of drought problems in our country.

So I beg all to continue to work hard. The energy sector represents new jobs FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOSING THE ONES THEY HAD. Jobs for those who can manufacture, install and sell and market these systems, for rainwater, recycling efforts and the labor needed to build windmills, plant crops that produce energy and so on. It is almost as if we have the new 'gold rush' in front of us. We just need to shift our perspective to understand the possibilities. Installing solar has such benefits and yes, will take new skills. Most all involved in the new 'green revolution' will confirm education is needed. We are writing courses around the clock for all of this. But offering education for $200-$500 and more will cancel out 90% of our population to get this much needed information. We are doing this for under $100, which is why we have educated 4,000 in just under 23 months.

Why are so many under estimating the buyer today? Can the economists not see they are brighter and smarter than in the past? It isn't the $1,200 mortgage payment that stops them, it is the extra $ 800 in taxes and insurance, and then another $200 or more for home association fees. Wake up and get green! Consumers are smarter today than ever before. They can get on the net and learn. A home has to produce better and more lasting results for lower utility bills in the near future and must be better for our living environment. A property must not only meet our needs, but more and more consumers are demanding that they exceed those needs. DO you want a $400 utility bill or one that is $150? Using renewable energy to power our homes as they do in other countries will be necessary to kick start the real estate market.

We used to move every 5 to 7 years. But today's consumers want to stay longer. The home they buy or rent must be healthier too. Do you want a home that is off gassing unhealthy fumes to your family while they sleep and watch TV?

Similarly, to keep employees happy and coming back, our workplaces must offer more. Our lifestyles are changing, and this is reflected in our ideas of home purchase, or when corporations decide to move their offices or build branch visibility.

Today we know that green built structures document higher productivity and lower absenteeism rates, because of the healthier materials used. Many more people are beginning to accept the fact that first costs are not the only factor to consider when building or renovating. It is the life expectancy of the structure that is considered for green upgrade decisions.

I encourage everyone to join the new revolution. Begin to care about your own carbon footprint and make a difference for friends and family and for your clients and customers. As consumers, begin to look at the long-term value of the renovations you invest in. In the long run, you will see a difference in the quality of your life and your bottom line.

Kerry Mitchell is the founder and course developer of Green Real Estate Education, which is on target to educate more than 20,000 real estate professionals in going green by 2009. Mitchell established the recognized certification for the real estate industry, the GCREP.GL. She worked for 14 years as a licensed real estate broker in Maryland where she now resides.

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