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Though, several construction projects are undertaken for the benefit of the community as a whole, there are different outcomes of them as well. There is no project which causes zero harm to the environment. Some kind of harm is always done to the surroundings when several activities are done by human beings. Human civilization has come to a point where most people have realized that a lot of harm has already been done to the environment by the activities undertaken by them.

Now days, it is not easy to undertake a construction project. There are many government authorities in every state which need to have reports about the impact of the project which is going to be undertaken. Till the time, there is a green signal from such authorities, no project can be started. We also keep on hearing about projects being abandoned in between due to petition filed by some environmental agency. Rather than starting a project and abandoning it then, it is wise to weigh the project in every aspect to ensure that it is causing minimal harm to the environment. There are several laws which also want construction companies to plant as many trees as they cut for completing a project. 

In U.K., people are very much concerned about the environment and they do not want to harm it at any cost. There are so many agencies which are always weighing the impact of several projects undertaken by different companies. Environmental Monitoring is one of the best ways by which people get to know about the impact of a project on the environment. When a project is checked for feasibility then the impact it will have on the environment is assessed. In case the impact is negative beyond the tolerance levels then it needs to be abandoned. 

To monitor the environment, people need to have various kinds of instruments. People cannot just imagine monitoring the environmental changes out of their own mind. There are precise instruments which are specifically designed for measuring environmental changes. These instruments can be used only by experts who have detailed information about their use. Big construction companies hire their own experts to gather data about the environmental impacts of a construction project. In different phases of a project, such data needs to be submitted to various authorities. 

Environmental Monitoring Assessment has become an integral part of every construction project undertaken in any part of the world. No company should do the mistake of submitting wrong data related to the impact of a project on the environment. There have been a few cases where companies have been penalized very harshly for breaking environmental laws. No company would like to play with its own image. It is very important for all companies to give back more than what they take from the society. Any kind of environmental damage which is caused by a construction project must be compensated by taking corrective measures like planting more trees etc. There are so many ways to deal with environmental concerns but the best thing is to avoid creating environmental concern in the first place.

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