Get the most out of a chopper


Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Sweed has some ideas that we’ve implemented in our own plant, as well as ideas taken from other companies that may help you encourage employees to chop your facilities scrap material:

Use the Chopper Alongside Your Company’s Safety Program
Every company has an OSHA safety program. Safety incentive programs are the most effective way to encourage everyone on your staff to follow the guidelines outlined in your safety program. It happens quite frequently that employees will resist many of the safety regulations because they consider them a nuisance. If you need a little something extra in order to make your employees cooperate, you should consider a safety incentive program. You can reward employees for being safe with gift certificates (or other appropriate prizes and rewards) that are purchased from the scrap money you generate with the chopper.

Light Duty Employees Can Run a Chopper
Do you have an employee who is currently on light duty work? A chopper is the perfect solution for them. They meet their light duty work requirement by feeding the chopper, and you benefit from a cleaner, scrap free facility.

Quarterly Kickbacks
If you produce a large volume of scrap, collect the money you sell and divvy it among your employees at the end of the month (or quarter). You’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to give the money we produce from selling our scrap to the employees when I could just put it back into the bottom line?” Well, that’s easy; the bottom line isn’t feeding the chopper the scrap, your employees are. We guarantee you’ll have employees on their breaks and lunches feeding the chopper trying to generate more scrap for their kickback if they know there’s a monetary reward involved. What’s more, you’ll benefit from having a clean facility, will save on dumpster fees and will help reduce employee injuries from scrap lying around.

Pizza Party
Ok, so maybe you don’t generate enough scrap to hand out bonus checks, but how about a pizza party? Everyone enjoys a pizza party, and if your employees know where the money to pay for the party came from, they’ll be more likely to help dispose of your scrap in the chopper.

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