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SENTRON had its 20th birthday in April 2005 and is world wide known as the manufacturer of glass free ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH systems. During the 20 years we developed and manufactured not only ISFET pH sensors but also pressure sensors in our own silicon chip production facility. This facility for development and manufacturing of solid-state sensors, enables us to produce custom-designed chips and products, besides our catalogue products.

Sentron’s ISFET technology is very reliable for the measurement of pH. It is proven that, in comparison with other technologies, the Sentron’s ISFET (glass-free) technology has the best results for all kind of applications. Especially in the food industry this technology offers a good and safe solution. In every application it is important to get the best results and to work as safe as possible. The ISFET technology guarantees the best solution for this.

An electrode for every application

The Sentron glass-free pH electrode with its strong silicone ISFET chip, will not break and is therefor very safe. Sentron has two series of ISFET pH electrodes with different tip designs to cover applications in liquids, semisolids, viscous solutions and more. These two series are:

Hot-line: this series is a complete range of high temperature ISFET pH electrodes. The electrodes incorporate a non-flow, solid state reference with a large area PTFE diaphragm. The material of the electrodes are heat and chemical resistant and have chemically stable KCI reference gel. The electrodes function reliably at high temperatures up to 105°C and in contact with more aggressive chemicals. 5 types of tips are available: we have a electrode for every application.

Stream-Line: these series use a flowing reference with thickened KCI solution. This reference provides a constant liquid flow, which ensures stable readings while preventing junction fouling. Although suitable for general pH testing, the electrodes (ConeFET and SurFET) are ideal for low conductive and pure water applications as well as highly concentrated or polluting samples.

Sentron MICRO Electrode The newest innovative product of Sentron is the MICRO Electrode. This electrode has a diameter of only 3 mm and is made of PEEK. The measuring part (the sensor) is built-in at the conic end of the electrode and can measure very small volumes or be used in very small sized sample cups or in micro-titer plates. On request other materials for this electrode, as stainless steel or flexible material, are available. This MICRO electrode is easy to clean and very suitable for applications in the biotechnology, food, pharmacy etc.

High performance ISFET sensor pH meters All Sentron electrodes and electrodes can be connected to one of the Sentron pH meters: The Argus portable meters or the Titan bench top meters. In both versions an important distinction can be made, in a basic and an advanced version.

The basic Argus and Argus X portable meters are designed to stand the most rough and demanding field-, industry- and laboratory circumstances. The Argus X guarantees a fully waterproof system and has a cradle, that will load the battery by an unique, inductive method. Information can be send, through an infra-red connection between the meter and the cradle and from there via serial RS 232 exits, to a computer or printer. The Titan and Titan X benchtop meters works on electricity as well as on batteries. These meters are very useful in laboratories and also offer good signal processing and database storage. The Titan X benchtop model has optional contact exits and it has a programmable high and low pH alarm, with a signal on the display by an acoustic signal.

Sentron offer the best, safest, most reliable and most accurate results that are realized by the latest developments in the ISFET technology.

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