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Givaudan - Continuous wastewater neutralisation - Case Study


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Givaudan is the global market leader in the field of flavours and fragrances, with headquarters in Switzerland. At its German production site in Dortmund, it produces and sells flavourings and additives for the food industry, as well as fragrances aimed primarily at the perfume and cosmetics industry.

This site required a new automatic continuous neutralisation plant for wastewater from the production process, as well as cleaning wastewater from waste air purification and the cleaning of tanks and floors.

The resulting wastewater is contaminated by water-soluble organic compounds (organic acids such as acetic acid, citric acid).

The services included:

  • Permit planning for construction and operation of the neutralisation plant, including applying for a discharge permit pursuant the state water act and the indirect discharge ordinance
  • Supplying the new pre-separators, wastewater storage and emergency overflow tanks with tank aerators, which are specifically designed to handle the wastewater quantities involved.
  • A plant room in the form of a prefabricated concrete garage with integrated continuous neutralisation plant
  • A stacker-compatible changeover station for the neutralising agents

Performance data

  • Wastewater quantity: Max. 300 m³ per day (max. 50 m³/h)
  • Chemical contamination: pH value 2.0 - 12.0
  • Temperature: Max. 60 °C (upon entering the pre-separator)

Technical specifications

  • Space requirements: Approx. 45 m2
  • Control system: PLC, process visualisation

Givaudan - Continuous wastewater neutralisation - Case Study

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