Glass Cleaning Machines Offer Safe, Fast Cleaning


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Glass cleaning machines are used for cleaning windows, mirrors, decorative fixtures, and similar surfaces. These machines have many advantages. They are easy to use and very efficient. They do not scratch or damage glass. Most importantly, they use very little water and are safe to operate. When you use dry vapor systems to clean glass, you rarely need to use a detergent, making the cleaning process ecofriendly and safe. You do not have to worry about unseemly residual soap left behind on window panes and mirrors after cleaning. 

While there are many types of glass cleaning machines on the market, you have to choose a machine designed for commercial applications. These high-end glass cleaning machines have many advantages over low-end domestic use machines. They are convenient to use, as they feature many types of detailing brushes and tools. They are versatile too. In addition to cleaning glass, these glass cleaning machines are used for cleaning surfaces, such as tiles and laminated floors. They are great at removing food residue and grease flecks off stoves and ovens, and are also known for their mold and fungal elimination properties. 

High-end machines for cleaning glass feature high temperature and pressure. Many of these machines have temperatures peaking at 369° F, and this is an immense advantage when you consider the natural dirt elimination properties of heat. Grease, fats, sugars, and proteins melt at high temperatures, and you can remove them effectively only after they have been dissolved first. Heat accomplishes this task effectively. 

These commercial steam cleaners often feature pressure levels as high as 125 psi. They have durable boilers, which are longlasting and able to withstand high temperature and pressure. As the cost of boiler replacement is quite high, you should purchase commercial steam cleaners with warranties on the boiler. The best vapor steam cleaners have lifetime warranties on their boilers. 

Many types of steam cleaning equipment are able to remove allergens and bacteria. They contain HEPA filters that help remove allergens by entrapping them.

These vapor steam cleaners typically feature vacuum extraction. A steam vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters has many advantages, besides its ability to remove allergens. This machine is able to perform dry vacuum functions of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Additionally, a steam vacuum cleaner removes excess moisture remaining on the surface during steam cleaning. Commercial vapor steam cleaners are, therefore, among the most versatile cleaning equipment.

Some types of steam cleaning equipment, in addition to cleaning glass, also remove chewing gum. These portable steam cleaners have gum removal kits to remove hard, old gum as well as freshly discarded chewing gum. Contractors use such portable steam cleaners to remove gum from concrete, metal, stone, tile, and similar surfaces. Steam cleaning machines offer value for money. They help achieve cleanliness faster with less effort, and are, therefore, recommended to people who need to clean glass and similar surfaces on a regular basis.


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