Glass crusher for FOOD & BEVERAGES recycling

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Courtesy of Cogelme S.r.l.

Cogelme Glass Crusher in a very efficient manner destroys defected or expired wine, beer and other beverages glass bottles, as well as jars with food inside and helps to obtain pure glass and pure organic materials.

Multiple benefits delivered to the food recyclers:

  • The glass containers can be crushed to adjustable sizes, in base of the needs.
  • Cogelme screening and washing systems can efficiently  separate organic materials from glass.
  • Crushed glass is not pulverized, so separated organic and glass material remain of high purity.

Moreover Cogelme Glass Crusher assures:

  • Low energy consumption - 70% less comparing to hammer crushers
  • Installed safety system for not crushable objects
  • Low price and maintenance costs compared to hammer crushers
  • Low working noise

Cogelme successfully  installed recycling solution not only for food recycling companies, but also for food and beverages producers, who found it more cost efficient to make recycling internally instead of outsourcing . Meantime in glass recycling sector Cogelme glass crushers is Europe’s first choice among installation.

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