Glass Recycling Facility Wastewater Treatment Case Study

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Recycling Wastewater Treatment Success Stories

Glass Recycling Facility Wastewater Treatment

A glass recycling facility needed a means to increase the size of their settled solids so they could be dewatered in their filter press.  The fine solids caused carry through of the press (cloudy filtrate) and did not dewater well.

The samples tested were from the initial Equalization Tank as well as the effluent of their settling Tank. 

The Floccin 1108 worked well to thicken and clarify the water and increase the solids settling rates.  The sludge easily dewatered.  The EQ Tank water required 3-4 grams/1,000 ml for solids conditioning and the Settling Tank water sample required 1 gram/1,000 ml to obtain the sludge/water clarity as shown below.

Glass Recycling Plant Wastewater Treatment Jar Test Before and After Treatment

The Equalization Tank water is shown after the addition of Floccin 1108 and you can see the larger floc size in the right side treated jar.

Glass Recycling Plant Settling Tank Wastewater Treatment Test Before and After Flocculation

The Settling Tank water sample (right photo) shows the floc size and water clarity after the addition of the Floccin 1108.  The Floccin 1108 will increase the system hydraulic capacity as it increases the settling rate of the solids and provides a sludge that dewaters well.

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