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Global Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Legislation Invigorate the EHS Software Market

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Are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions an environmental management/sustainability issue or a business issue? It depends upon whom you ask—scientists and engineers or corporate executives. No matter the answer, anticipation of a new 'carbon ecoomy' has ignited the environment, health & safety (EHS) software market.

Lexicon Systems, LLC founder Jill Barson Gilbert interviewed executives at seven (7) EHS software companies in a range of market niches toget their perspectives on GHG and sustainability issues, and their impact on the software market. Read on to see what executives of leading software companies say...

Sustainability Has Changed How Executives View EH&S Issues

Sustainability is an overarching theme that has received significant attention at the corporate executive level, with many companies opting to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (indexes that track the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide). 

In the past, EH&S focused purely on compliance; scientists and engineers created solutions just for themselves. Sustainability has a broader impact on the processes that run a business. Also, traditional EH&S issues are local issues, whereas climate change and GHG emissions are global issues. Broader, global impacts require a strategic approach and elevate EH&S to the executive level.

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